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Toms River is a township in Ocean County, New Jersey.  This town has a total population of 91,239 and like most big towns, drug abuse is it’s on a high rate especially with teenagers who are looking for firsthand experience with recreational drugs. DXM is one of the most abused drugs in Toms River and it has become a real menace to the residences of this area. Dextromethorphan (DXM) is also a problem in Ocean County. The number of overdoses reported in 2107 doubled in 2017.

DXM is a cough suppressant and expectorant; a substance that removes mucus from your respiratory tract. Some people take up to 1,500 mg in a single dose, which can have extreme effects and pose a serious health risk.

If you are parent raising a teenager, you should know by now the dangers related to DXM. This drug is easily accessible over-the-counter since it is the main ingredient in majority of cough syrups.  Teens have found a way of taking huge doses of this medicine to get high. In all the drugs sold in the US, DXM is taking in half of them.

DXM was introduced in the 1950s and approved by the United State. Since it is the main ingredient for cold medication, there are more than 125 medications for cough, cold, and flu. There are several cold medication names that are found in most homes such as Dimetapp DM, Nyquil, Robitussin. These medications are sold in form of tablets, capsules, syrup, solutions, suspensions, spray, and lozenges.

How Do People Get DXM in Toms River, New Jersey

To get DXM is not a hustle in major stores. They are also socked in pharmacies and anyone without a prescription from a doctor can easily access then as well. During the cold season parents buy the medicine to stock them in their bathroom cabinets. The fact that DXM is cheap and available everywhere and even on the streets, the young people can buy these drugs from the little finances they earn from babysitting to small chores like lawn mowing.

What Are The Side Effects?

DXM can be fatal or even dangerous when taken alongside other illicit drugs. There have been cases of overdose associated with DXM powder sold over the Internet. Hospital emergency rooms have reported that patients brought there especially on Friday or even over the weekend are mostly teens either overdosed or show symptoms of DXM abuse. This is according to survey that was carried out in 2018. Effects of DXM reported included altered consciousness, impaired visions, seeing imaginary people or even demons.

Overcoming Denial and Seeking Treatment for DXM in Toms River, New Jersey

Some groups have come together to tackles this menace. Age limit should be considered when buying the drug. Parents should talk to their kids about DXM and its harmful effects. Joining a rehabilitation center is also a must to be able to help with counseling and assist with the pain of withdrawal.

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If you are experiencing withdrawal symptoms due to DXM abuse, you need to look for treatment programs that will assist you to overcome the addiction. To get help, call our Toms River hotline at (734) 276 4838.