mdma addiction

Most people know MDMA as ecstasy or molly. Both molly and ecstasy are synthetic drugs made from MDMA (3,4 methylenedioxy-methamphetamine), but molly is used in a crystal-like or white powdery substance, while ecstasy is used in a pill or tablet form. The pure form of MDMA is difficult to come by, so dealers cut the drug with other ingredients such as rat poison, caffeine, amphetamine, heroin, LSD and cocaine to create ecstasy or cocaine.

Ecstasy or molly is very popular with young people who love to rave or club and it is unfortunate that this drug is considered harmless by many who abuse it. For this reason, users get addicted to the drug without even realizing it. If you suspect you or a loved is addicted to the drug, you should seek treatment early to stop MDMA addiction in Toms River, New Jersey.

Signs Of MDMA Addiction

Not all people who rave use ecstasy, and not everyone who has used this drug before becomes addicted to it. However, there is a high potential for both physical and psychological addiction. Knowing if one is addicted to MDMA is difficult due to the fact that most users take it with other substances, altering the symptoms. When ecstasy is ingested, the user will experience the following:

  • Unusual feelings and expressions of love
  • Impulsiveness
  • Increased thirst
  • Increased joy in the senses, particularly touch and sight
  • Increased capacity for empathy

Using molly or ecstasy does not mean that you automatically get addicted. For a user to be psychologically dependent on the drug, he or she will have frequent cravings, get preoccupied with the substance and feel uneasy when it is not available. To tell if one is addicted to MDMA, there are common signs you can look out for, including:

  • Lying or secretive behaviour
  • Unwillingness or inability to quit even when substance abuse causes serious problems
  • Financial or legal difficulties related to substance abuse
  • Reluctance to attend family or social events where the drug will be unavailable
  • Sudden difficulty in meeting daily responsibilities
  • Changes in social circles

Available Treatment Options

The fact that most ecstasy addicts often use the drug alongside other substances can complicate the treatment process. However, by enrolling in a professional treatment centre, patients are assigned to treatment plans that are tailored to their unique situation. Also, depending on what works best for a patient, inpatient or outpatient services can be used. Patients are encouraged to participate in addiction support groups and long-term therapy to avoid relapses in the future.

Call Our MDMA Addiction Hotline in Toms River, New Jersey Today

The best way to treat MDMA addiction is to find a proper treatment plan that involves support meetings. The patient has to be checked into a medical addiction treatment facility where they can be closely monitored and helped through the initial stages of withdrawal. The main goal for this is to ensure that they undergo a medically supervised detox program to make the recovery process safe. If you require professional assistance for MDMA addiction treatment and rehab, call our Toms River addiction hotline at (732) 276-4838 today!