opioid addiction

When it comes to treating opioid addiction in Toms River, New Jersey, there is a variety of options for people to consider. For starters, there are outpatient and inpatient services available. However, another alternative that can be considered is office-based opioid treatment (OBOT). This treatment option provides medication-assisted treatment via medicines like buprenorphine. In some cases, it is used in conjunction with naltrexone (e.g. Zubsolv and Suboxone) or naltrexone (e.g. Vivitrol). Counseling and therapy are also part of the recovery services.

How Do Office-Based Opioid Treatments Work?

OBOT requires a physical exam and medical evaluation to be performed by a medical professional. During the initial assessment, the recovering addict is prescribed medicines like Butrans, Buprenex, or Subutex. Drug misuse can be discouraged via a combination of naloxone and buprenorphine medications. They help the patient to bypass opioid withdrawal symptoms too.

When the patient is given prescriptions for his or her medications, they do not need to visit the clinic every day. If the patient receives medication-assisted treatment, he or she will work with an individual counselor to develop a personalized recovery plan, which can comprise drug screenings, family or group support, and therapy to name a few. With a whole-patient approach, recovering opioid addicts have a better chance at achieving long-term recovery.

What are the Benefits of Office-Based Opioid Treatments?

  • Stigma reduction

Attitudes about addiction are gradually changing. However, not everyone recognizes it as a disease. As opioid addiction is a disease, it needs to be treated by medical professionals, i.e. it is a medical necessity. Next, methadone clinics and rehab facilities are still viewed negatively, even though patients who enroll in their programs successfully regained control of their lives. OBOT aims to reduce the stigma that surrounds people who have opioid use disorders, ensuring that they seek help.

  • Addresses comorbid disorders

People with opioid use disorders may also be dealing with other mental illnesses like anxiety or depression. Medical professionals that specialize in OBOT can address the patient’s addiction and co-occurring medical issues through proper medications. Additionally, patients will have access to therapy with counselors. When underlying issues of the illness and addiction are addressed, the chances of a relapse happening will be lower.

  • Makes opioid addiction treatment more accessible

As mentioned, some people with opioid use disorders are ashamed or afraid to seek help for their addiction due to denial or stigma. Since OBOT gives people access to drug treatment without having to enroll in a traditional rehab center, patients will be more willing to receive the treatment they need. There is no longer the fear of being judged. With OBOT, doctors can supply patients with proper medication prescriptions and monitor their progress via periodic visits.

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