Valium Addiction Treatment In Toms River

Classified as a Substance IV drug, Valium is one of the many drugs whose potential for abuse is less likely than those listed under Schedule III drugs. At such, it has acceptable medical uses in the US but also has the potential to cause psychological and physical dependence. Used to treat anywhere from insomnia to stomach pain, it is sad to note that Valium has been abused. If you want to seek recovery from abuse of the drug in Toms River, New Jersey, here some things you should take note of first.

Facts About Valium

People experiencing stress and anxiety commonly resort to using Valium, a form of tranquilizer that can slow down the brain’s activity. Bringing a sense of relief to the user, it can calm down the mind and help users to unwind. In the 60’s, it was known with its nickname “Mother’s Little Helper”, which was derived from the fact that women particularly asked for the medication. From then on, billions of these pills have been sold under prescription.

Year after year, however, there had been reports of increasing withdrawal symptoms related to Valium use. This placed the pill under public scrutiny thus requiring its examination to study its real effects on the body. Nonetheless, it still has attracted new users, some with prescription, while others obtaining it from other sources. This has increased its dangers to those who take it.

Valium Dependence

While more and more risks have been recorded recently, more and more people have also been attracted to using it. In fact, even teenagers aged 12 and above resort to Valium use at some points in their lives. Some request Valium over-the-counter, while others look for the generic version instead. This is to treat anxiety as well as alcohol withdrawal syndrome. The illegal resale takes the more alarming side of selling these drugs though.

Some people who have developed dependence or tolerance to the drug will somehow vary their intake from what has been prescribed. Some ingest 2mg pills while others burn through 10mg versions until they obtain the numbing effect desired. Tolerance develops quickly with some users taking up to 30 pieces of the pills per day.

Dangers of Valium Withdrawal

Valium withdrawal symptoms can be extremely uncomfortable, especially if you overuse the drug. Some patients keep on using the drug in order to avoid the effects of withdrawal. There are also those who depend on it because of the fear of feeling depressed if they stop taking one. This makes staying away from the drugs even worse.

Side Effects Of Valium

The longer you take Valium, without seeking help, the higher the risks you will face. In fact, if you take it in large dosages, you will suffer from severe organ damage, or at the worst, death. This can be attributed to the chemical changes brought about by larger doses of the drug. It can stir violent behavior too and can even cause memory loss.

Get Help for Valium Addiction Treatment in Toms River, New Jersey Today

Whether you are new to Valium addiction treatment, or you want to seek support for the treatment that you are already having at the moment, it is always crucial to consult with a professional addiction treatment specialist. In case you are unsure when, where, and how to stop, all you need to do is call our Toms River valium addiction treatment hotline at (732) 276-4838.