bath salt addiction

Bath salt addiction is a growing epidemic in the US with serious consequences to many people. Bath salt is a synthetic drug that causes euphoric feelings in people who use it. The chemical composition of the drug is frequently altered by its manufacturers so as to keep it within legal limits. The problem with that is that it means the chemical composition of the drug keeps changing and so users have no idea what they are taking. If you are affected by this dangerous drug, remember that there is bath salt addiction treatment in Toms River.

Symptoms of Bath Salt Addiction in Toms River, New Jersey

If a loved one is struggling with bath salt addiction, there are some signs that you might be able to observe. These include:

  • Mood shifts and irritability – a loved one who is struggling with a bath salt addiction will often display mood swings. They may display new and increased aggression as well as an inability to concentrate. If the victim of this addiction is in the workplace, their work productivity will go down and they will have frequent clashes with fellow workers.
  • Chronic fatigue – one of the significant effects of bath salt is to cause insomnia among users. This lack of sleep translates to fatigue and addicts appear tired all the time.
  • Inability to manage money – Even though bath salt is relatively inexpensive, maintaining an addictive habit is expensive in the long run. A loved one struggling with this problem will often struggle to pay bills and might rack up huge levels of debt in the process. This should be concerning, especially if you observe it in someone who did not previously have financial problems.
  • Weight loss – Continued use of bath salt often leads to users being unable to eat. This lack of appetite often leads to a drastic weight loss. This then compounds the chronic fatigue and victims may even fall ill due to a compromised immune system and weakened body.

Treating Bath Salt Addiction

People who are addicted to bath salt almost always need professional intervention to quit the habit. When you take a loved one for rehabilitation, experts will use various approaches to help your loved one overcome the habit. These approaches include cogitative behavioral therapy to help the victim deal with underlying psychological issues that may be driving the addiction. Rehabilitation programs will also give the addict support structures to help him or her cope with the process of quitting the drug. These include support groups and on-call experts who can provide advice and help when needed.

When your loved one is undergoing treatment, it is important that you show compassion and understanding. This is because overcoming a bath salt addiction is hard and support, especially from loved ones, can go a long way.

Get Help for Bath Salt Addiction in Toms River, New Jersey Today

If you have a loved one who is struggling with a bath salt addiction in Toms River, New Jersey, help is within reach. There are experts at hand who will offer both advice and help you get your loved one out the bath salt bondage. Please call our Toms River addiction hotline at (732) 276-4838.